A note of our president

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    • A note of our president

    Dear Reader

    As I write this, the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool is well on its way. I watched the semi-final and some of the acts really stood out, both visually and musically. Israel, Czechia, and Finland, for example. Even though those genres of music are not typically my taste, they all shared one thing: the passion for music. You could see it in the interviews with the performers and hear it in their acts.

    For me, this is the same in magic. There are so many types of magic and not all of them might be appealing to you personally. But I appreciate it when magic is performed correctly and with passion. You might not like magic for children or classic manipulation acts, but maybe you can admire certain aspects of that routine. And just as in the Eurovision Song Contest, what matters is the performers’ passion for the art. So go out there and share the best magic that you can with the audience.


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