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If you walk 100 meters into the Zeedijk from the Central Station and you look up on the right, you will see the saying “Mundus Vult Decipi” high up on a facade. Translated: “The world wants to be deceived.” A better entrance to the location where the Amsterdam Magic Society will hold their club nights cannot be imagined.

Just past the bridge over the Oudezijds Kolk at number 24 you will find Mascini. The theatercafé has a real pub atmosphere. The restaurant at the back is stylish and cozy and has a magnificent view on the Amsterdam canals. The theater located upstairs has an old-fashioned stage with red plush curtains where performances, acts and music take place.

The Amsterdam Magic Society is honored to be a guest here every second Monday of the month. And who knows, we will organise even more beautiful things there.

Where the former Theater Restaurant Casablanca Variété was located, Theater Café Restaurant Mascini is now established. In a totally disruptive time (Covid-19), Bas Marée (1980) and Thom deLagh (1963) nevertheless embarked on their ‘tour de force’ to bring Café Mascini to fruition.

The new name is a tribute to the actor Peer Mascini, who died in 2019, Thom deLagh’s closest friend: ‘Peer, the loving disruptor’. It’s possible that you will see Peer’s ghost sitting at the bar a little later in the evening. Thom previously had a gallery on the Geldersekade, worked as a city guide, and is a poet/journalist. In 2007, he was appointed ‘poet of the Zeedijk’ by writer Kees van Beijnum, among others. Friend and neighbour Bas has been touring the country with cabaret and music performances since graduating from the Koningstheateracademie.

Frans de Groot

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