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The Rozentheater in Amsterdam (now a national monument) has been the permanent home of stand-up comedy company Boom Chicago since 2013, making it an internationally oriented theatre. However, the history of the theater begins on March 22, 1913 when it opened as a cinema under the name Cinema- en Variété Theater.

Until 1918, mainly films were shown with variety-like side programs. With 1000 seats, the Rozentheater was the largest cinema in the Netherlands. Stage performances were also staged occasionally until 1918; after that the helm was finally changed. Since May 2, 1918 it was only a theater. In this year the Rozentheater opens its doors as a cinema, but it is not long before the activities are expanded. Five years later, there is already variety on stage and it remains that way to this day.

This includes the monthly “Amsterdam Magic Show”. I’ve been there a few times but this time to report on what’s on offer and that was a special experience.

What’s immediately striking is the enthusiasm of the stage performers; Arthur Gerards, Eduard and Bianca from Romania, Belgium’s Jo de Rijck, Bart Uriot, and Killian Petrick. But also the close-up performers: Rico Weeland, Edgar Brumaire, Willem v.d. Weide, Jeffrey van Vliet, and Wira. Even Evan and Stefano Rosa, working hard behind the scenes, approach their audience with some magic. And of course Willy (the snake of Jo) did his or her best to give the audience a trilling experience!

This naturally has an impact on the public’s mind, which has an average age of about 30-35 years. Some in the magic community think that young people are no longer interested in live entertainment. Well, they are wrong!

Maybe it was not intended that way beforehand, but the central theme was mentalism. And that was perfect for this audience. The exclamations “what the fuck”, “oh my god”, “Noooo” were loud.

Before and after the show, there is close-up magic in the cozy bar of Boom Chicago. I can recommend anyone reading this to attend such a show. You learn a lot from it!

Frans de Groot

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