The Bill Chung Lecture, Review

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On Thursday evening, Bill Cheung gave a lecture in the attic room of Boom Chicago, which has featured as the fixed residence for the Amsterdam Magic Show for quite some time now.

My estimate is that in total there were some 30 – 35 interested attendants.

Bill Cheung is a professional magician from Vienna, Austria, where he has his own Magic (Close-Up) Theater. During FISM Busan he won first prize in the category Card Magic, then representing China.

This indicates that he is among the top cardicians in the world these days.

Bill’s lecture consisted of a few very visual and astonishing card effects followed by various coin routines (coins through the table, his version of Three Fly, etc.).

During his presentation and during his explanation he received repeatedly spontaneous applause, not only for his ingenuity but also for his meticulous attention to presentation, misdirection, and choreography.

Not only a true master of our Art, but also a very dedicated lover! All are explained in full detail. His effects may not always be easy to execute (because they need a thorough rehearsal) and they do not lend themselves to a round of table hopping, but the end result is truly amazing and quite astonishing, taking magic yet again to another, higher level.

Possibly Shin Lim inspired him, but Bill’s personal effects, though possibly not always completely practical, can still be performed in most settings, particularly parlour. Therefore my heartfelt, thanks to FritZ for bringing Bill to Amsterdam, and also bringing Ondrej Psenicka (several weeks ago) with his outstanding lecture to the Amsterdam Magic Show.

In May there will be once again another lecture from Mark Bennett. Follow the AMS announcements on social media when you are interested. Fritz : you can sign me up already, once again.


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