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We have officially launched the Amsterdam Magic Society. It was a full house and we appreciate you coming out and joining us. For the last few weeks, the AMSociety has been actively promoting on the Society with congratulations videos from magicians around the world. And I mean that literally; from Australia to South America, from Africa to Europe, and from North America to Asia. I am very happy that the society is welcomed with open arms. We even received greetings from a Las Vegas master magician!!

As president I will make sure this year will be an amazing year for all its members. We will be meeting on the second Monday of the month. And each meeting will be different with either a lecture or TED-talks from our members. Furthermore, this issue of The Buzz has a lot of exciting items, including why it is called The Buzz. Also, Rico Weeland shares why magic is fun, a review of Blackpool, and much more. Enjoy this issue of The Buzz and see you soon!


The international magic community was shocked by the passing of Veronique Ross. Veronique was the widow of Richard Ross, two-time world champion in magic and founder of the Magic Art Center (MAC). After Richard passed away in 2001, Veronique

kept the MAC going with monthly events. The MAC is about 25 kilometers from Amsterdam and was visited by many famous magicians throughout the years. I had the privilege to perform at the MAC a few times and I always enjoyed a welcome from Veronique. Her enthusiasm and passion for magic are unmatched.

The big question is what will happen to the MAC. That place is filled with so much Dutch magic history, I hope it will be continued. Veronique, thank you for all your hard work and the memories you created for all of us at the MAC.

Merci beaucoup, Vero. Merci beaucoup.



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